Mujer modifica sus fotos siguiendo los comentarios de los trolls y el resultado es horrible


¿Qué es la belleza? ¿Hoy día a quién debemos seguir como prototipo de belleza? ¿a las modelos altas y delgadas o a las operadas voluptuosas? La verdad es que estamos atravesando un período de confusión y de diversidad estética. Sin embargo, en el mundo contemporáneo la imagen virtual se ha convertido en nuestra carta de presentación y en ese orden, es mucho más fácil pecar por fea. Así que los filtros, el Photoshop y todo lo falso posible se ha convertido en el mejor aliado de una mujer.


Chessie King a menudo critica esta conducta en las mujeres y en los seguidores de Instagram que exigen la imagen de una mujer perfecta. La hemos visto anteriormente mostrando sus fotografías mordaces con y sin modificaciones.

THIS IS ME. THIS IS MY BODY ??‍♀️ No flattering angles, no flattering lighting, just me & my body feeling on top of the ?. We all have days where we feel super duper good but we don’t share them enough. I want YOU to feel confident enough to dance around in your underwear & embrace any wobble you have! A few years ago I would never have posted this, all I cared about back then was being the leanest I could, going to the gym as many times as I could a week & counting every calorie I ate ? Even at my smallest, when I was training the most & eating the least, I just wanted to cover up my body because it wasn’t my idea of ‘perfect’ ??‍♀️ Now my priority is to be happy & comfortable in my own skin, & today I appreciate my body & what it does for me. We were not made to be Barbie dolls who LOOK insanely good 24/7, we were made to be HUMAN & we should all be allowed to FEEL insanely good 24/7. Come at me keyboard warriors, you can say what you want but nothing will knock me down ????

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Smooth skin, peachy booty, small waist, thin thighs… you can have it all in just 30 seconds of editing ??‍♀️ It’s scary how easily & quickly you can change your body on some of these apps. @lydiaxcollins & I had a play round to see how ‘modern day perfect’ we could make me look but still making it look ‘real’. Instagram can be so encouraging & inspiring but it’s also a ‘perfection’ trap 95% of the time & it can be so unhealthy & it still effects me. I want you to be able relate to me & look at my body & know it’s achievable. I want you to see me & know I look exactly the same in real life as I do on here. Yes people work extremely hard for their bodies & some people do look like the right but the rest of us gals should not have to feel like sh?t if we don’t ?? Sending allllll my love to anyone that’s compared themselves to another human today or wished they looked like that person on Instagram. You’re beautiful, in your own unique way ❤️??

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“BOOTY GOALS” ? “OH MY GOD I WANT YOUR BUM”… you see these kinda comments all over your newsfeed, but would you see those kinda comments on the right photo?! ??‍♀️ Neither of these photos are edited or photoshopped, same bottom just 2 completely different angles. Are you hooked on growing your peach to look like your favourite instagram girl? Have you ever thought maybe they have what I’ve got on the right: the dimples, the uneven cheeks, the bit I like to call the “second booty” (that bit underneath your bottom). I used to be extremely conscious of the back of my legs & if anyone was walking behind me whilst I was in swimwear I’d cover my booty & my legs because I was so embarrassed. I still find it a little bit scary sharing the right photo but I’m in my happy place, stuffing myself with popcorn! ? & if it helps at least one of you to realise it’s OKAY to have imperfections then it was worth me pooing my pants a little. So next time you look in the mirror & see something similar to the right photo, just have a little word with yourself, I gat it too gurlll. You’re not alone ??‍♀️?❤️?

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Pero en esta oportunidad Chessie quiso complacer al detalle a los seguidores que la criticaban. Entonces se tomó muy en serio los comentarios de los trolls de internet y con la ayuda de Photoshop modificó sus fotografías con las demandas de estas personas. ¡El resultado es espantoso!


Este es el aterrador resultado:

“Si cambiamos nuestro cuerpo por cada troll, escuchamos a cada ciber matón, seríamos monstruos. Ya sea que tengas 23 seguidores o 3 millones, NADIE debería tener que lidiar con el odio habitual en línea. Mira mis historias destacadas para ver cómo mi cuerpo terminó luciendo así”, dise Chessie junto a la publicación.


Lección aprendida Chessie, te aseguramos que nadie quiere lucir así de perturbador. Y para los matones de internet, tengan cuidado antes de opinar porque si fuera por sus consejos el mundo estaría lleno de fenómenos.


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