24 Increíbles fotos familiares tomadas por una mamá y sus hijas


Las fotos familiares a veces pueden convertirse en un compromiso agobiante, pero no con una mamá como la bloguera Dominique Davis, ella hace que todo sea mucho más divertido, adorable y original. Te compartimos algunas de sus fotografías familiares junto a sus dos pequeñas hijas, Penny y Amelia.


Por lo general las tres visten iguales


Y logran tomas realmente únicas


Todo comenzó por una fotografía en la que las tres vestían iguales


A la gente le gustó tanto que la bloguera pensó que el tema daba para mucho más


Y en efecto no dejan de sorprendernos con sus vestuarios


Sus fotografías familiares son un encanto


Le está enseñando a sus hijas con cada foto lo que es el verdadero sentido del humor


Y aquí tenemos a papá


Esta es una familia multifacética


Llena de imaginación


Y hasta las fotos más convencionales están preciosas


Aunque Dominique también necesita su propio espacio

And the grey hairs. The wrinkles. The early mornings. Unfinished conversations. Cold coffees. Lateness (I was late before my kids came along, but I’m sure the reason that it’s not improving is because of them ?). Crowded bathroom trips and the crowded bed. The weekend’s that are filled with soft play visits and parties. The extra mileage on the car from being a personal taxi service. My messy house. The never-ending flow of washing. The constant negotiating. It’s all because of the kids. And yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way ?. Thank you all so much for your comments, advice and opinions on my last post. Although I didn’t manage to reply to them all, I did read every single one and they’ve definitely made me think about how we handle the topic of saying sorry with the kids. Thank you ❤️

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Porque si no puede llegar a enloquecer y tomar fotos como esta


Dominique ama los 80 y enseña a sus hijas a amarlos también

It’s all been about the 80s this weekend. First the Goblin King made (a rather large ?) comeback on Friday night ?, and now this. The verdict: we’d all happily go back – crimped big hair, colours, and the music #allthatisthree #whp? And a big Happy Mother’s Day! The motherhood journey and story is different and unique to us all; no one is the same (much like the kids we raise). There’s no right or wrong way to parent, there’s just your way. From how you became one, to how to you do it and what it means to you. The sleepless nights, early mornings, the random I love you’s, meal times that always require serious negotiation and bargaining skills, the doubting yourself (am I doing it right?), the proud moments (Amelia performing in her show and Penny reading the word ‘chicken’ out of the menu this weekend) and the unconditional love. The memories we make, the #allthatisthree’s we create, I love our wonderful family, I wouldn’t change a thing (well, apart from the early mornings, I’d happily say farewell to those ?) . I got to celebrate with lots of food, a lengthy lie in (much needed after Friday night), and got to listen to *my* music all day long (Simply Red, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Elton John – they’ve had the pleasure of hearing them all).

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Aquí las vemos como Mery Poppins (la pequeña es un encanto)

Because I can’t get enough of that squishy little face or get over how much Amelia has changed in just a few short months. What that squishy little face doesn’t know is that she’s going to see the ‘real’ Mary Poppins at Disneyland Paris in May with the family. The plan is to tell her the day before we leave, maybe even the morning of because she has no concept of time right now, so I don’t think any of us could bear the daily “is it Disneyland time yet?” over breakfast, every morning ?. But also, the thought of the excitement and the thrill of being whisked away to a magical place within 24hours sounds like a good plan too. An old work colleague once told me that when she was younger, her parents woke her up crazy early one morning and told her that she was going to London to see Michael Jackson that day. Can you imagine? I adored Michael Jackson when I was a kid (I was obsessed), so although the car journey would’ve been torturous for anyone with me (“are we there yet?” shouted over MJ’s back catalogue), it would’ve been my childhood dream. It’s a story that stayed with me and an reveal that I always wanted to do one day with my kids, if I could keep the secret long enough. I can’t give them MJ, but I can do Disney ☺️. Have you ever surprised your kids with something magical?

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Todas coronadas con flores



If you’ve got spots, then we’ve got them too. Showing our love and support for little P who is finally over the awful stages of chickenpox, but is still covered in spots from head to toe (they’re even in her mouth!). But, when it comes to family, you have to share the good and the bad, so we couldn’t just stop at matching clothes ? #WHPwithlove #allthatisthree We’ve all been confined to the house this week, with not a lot going on (one of the effects of having a contagious child ??), so fill me in with all your news – what’s been going on? What’s been your wins of this week? Mine include having a full night sleep again on Friday night, seeing my school friends for food and board games last night, and eating all the nachos while watching Coco at the cinema.

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Nadadoras profesionales


Y hasta sus mascotas son completamente fotogénicas


Definitivamente han construido un mundo maravilloso con sus fotografías


¿Te gustaría hacer una sesión así con tu mamá o tus hermanas?

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